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How We Do Things

At Nano Coop all of our treatment providers are unique, and work independently. Nano Coop is simply the space that allows them to perfect their craft to the best of their ability. Some of our resident service providers are available to book through our website and some of them you will have to contact separately in order to book in with them. below you can find all service providers and their booking links and/or contact details.


Nofa is a Nail Technician who specialises in intricate, unusual and one of a kind pieces of art for your nails. Nofa is taking in person bookings through this website. Nofa also sells press on nails through this site. if you would like a custom set of press on nails you can contact Nofa directly through the links below. prices start from £49.


Sky is a Tooth Gem artist and a trainee Nail technician. Sky only uses premium quality Swarovski crystals for her tooth gems for a clean and dazzlingly sparkle, and dental grade equipment and adhesive. she has a variety of different colour and different shapes.

Tooth gem prices start from £29.

Sky has also recently began working towards her nail technician qualifications and is currently accepting nail clients as a trainee.

Nail prices start from £15


Kelsie isn't new to nail art she is however new to nano coop. she's usually based over in west London but joins us in nano coop for 2-3 days per week , Wednesday Thursday and every other Saturday. kelpie is extremely gifted in nail art with a specialty in anime nail art. she is not bookable through this website however you can contact her through the links provided :)